Hello.  It’s been a while my friends..life has been successful at preventing my sacred keyboard time.  But not to worry we are united again.  I do seem to have the electronic brown touch – I have managed to fry my computer twice, super.  My touch screen on my phone doesn’t work when I say and randomly selects people to call at will, more super.  My blackberry died…ultimate superness.  Perhaps its best that I have been away for a bit.

Was thinking about a few things, thinking about my run that I’m about to go on this morning.  I can’t wait to get out the door to let the worries and fears that live inside me fall to the pavement.  Once I do that, my hopes and dreams redeem that coveted space inside my mind.  It’s amazing to me that when life gets so stressful that I feel that the world is falling apart, my sneakers are my symbol of hope.  I am sure that sounds so stupid but it’s my escape and everyone needs an escape. 

The time spent soaking in the rays of the sun, the beat of the music, the feel of the earth beneath my feet, nothing in the world like it. 

The other thing on my mind is what it takes to inspire someone to action – what makes a person choose to get up off the couch and get out the door, for the first time.  I had the fortune of someone I barely know send me a facebook message saying that my posts and how happy i appear moved her to start running.  She’s never run a day in her life.  You never know what people are paying attention to – sometimes you don’t even have to speak to spark inspiration.  Keep being that example of health and goodness and I have no doubt in my mind that you will touch someone’s life and change it for the better.

A bit deep for my return to the chronicles, promise the next time I will be writing in my usually smart alec fashion.

No dream is too big – not one…through HIM ALL things are possible.  ALL THINGS!  Now if that doesn’t make you smile from ear to ear I don’t know what will!

Let’ s make today amazing, because we can.

Cheetah dream seeking

Awesome coming through…please step aside..this awesome is huge and so awesome you need to take a few steps back!  Today, on my mind…the competitive spirit and where it comes from.  Part of me believes that drive and motivation may be consequence of surroundings.  I was trying to think about all the things that drive me to work harder..to push myself to be better, faster, stronger (start singing Kanye here).

Some days its music.  I can be feeling so crappy and then all of sudden, just the right music comes on and I am treadmill dancing.  (insert Elton John singing Tiny Dancer here).  My feet skip, i dance, I fist pump to the sky (Tiger style), I shake my head…i pretty much do the entire check list of things that I should be mocked for doing.  But in the moment, it’s just me and my music and nothing else in the world is around.  Amazing how the mind can escape like that.  (I wonder where it escapes to?  albuquerque?  Bet bugs bunny knows where my mind is..twelve points if you get this reference).

Other days..motivation comes from who I “perceive” to be watching me…in my own little feable brain, I just *know* this stallion of a man behind me is admiring my graceful stride and cheetah like form.  I can feel his eyes, and read his mind that says, “wow, she is so fast, she is impressive and awesome.”  I have no doubt that is what is happening, which means, now, I must run faster to be even more impressive.  Only to turn around and see this stallion has galloped away and never saw even a second of my olympic trials on the treadmill. 

Today, it was seeing people trying their hardest.  As much as I feel the dreadmill is a terrible device made for those afraid of nature (such as myself) -it can be a great tool.  I was surrounded by people pushing themselves to the limit!  I get so much energy from watching others do their best..whatever their best is…people with canes, people with one leg, people who are over 80, people who are super fit, people who aren’t…all shapes, all sizes..everyone giving it their all.  Admittedly I was sore and tired…but being surrounded with all of this made me push myself harder.  My inner self talk (pick up the pace Rowe, no one walks to the finish line, you won’t get better by taking it easy!…or my favorite..four won’t break itself (thanks Greg, that haunts me now).

That’s all..I have nothing left.  Nothing except a great day at Epcot enjoying the Food and Wine Festival.  Burned plenty of calories that I need to replace.

Happy running people..stay up…stay motivated…stay smooooooooooooooth!

Cheetah gone nutty

Good evening my good people – nice to have you perusing my page.  I don’t really have too much to disucss this evening but was prompted (by a relative named Greg) to get off my lazy butt and write something.  He needs something to read, I guess he has finished reading the internet.  Haven’t we all?

I finally got out running at night, something that is unusual for me.  Something about the night cleared my mind and opened my heart.  I don’t really know what it was that came over me – the weather was a like a cool summer breeze, the music on my iPod made my body so alive, and the scenery was suddenly new and brilliant.  When I run in the morning before the sun comes up I only get to see the construction workers (aka Cheetah Fan Club as self designated, I KNOW they are impressed with me, they are lucky they get to see such amazing wildlife each morning!).  But at night…in the nice town of Celebration, I saw something much better (although it is hard to compete with my sweaty fan club).  I saw people out walking together, kids playing in the streets, cyclist, people walking their dogs, other runners – with the Florida sun sinking into the clouds.  Breathtaking.

It made me wonder if I would have been as moved by my surrounding if I just drove by…something about being on foot makes things more beautiful.  My run opened up my mind, got rid of my thoughts from the day and let me take in these sights and appreciate them so much. 

I wish I could truly explain where my desire to help others learn to run comes from.  It’s like when you try something that tastes so delicious you want others to enjoy it just like you did.  I feel the same way about running, if others can try it maybe they can feel the sense of joy I do..i want that for ALL people.  Its my way of helping people in need so to speak.  My pastor spoke about this – he said “when you pass by someone in need it breaks God’s heart.  What if that person in need was an angel He sent?”  When you are doing well and things are aligning for you, feeling on top of the world – stop and help someone who needs a smile.  I promise you what’s on the outside is rarely a reflection of how they are on the inside.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you picked 2 people a week to do something nice for, for absolutely no reason.  What a great place the world would be…my world is pretty great, I would like to help someone else make their world great too.

And finally…I have a few friends running their first half marathon this weekend – not sure why but I feel a sense of pride and want to cry for them already.  I get THAT happy about seeing people have a goal, work towards it and achieve it…can’t wait to see my friends with their FIRST MEDALS! 

So there it is…a running stream of consciousness…in no order..just what fell out of my head tonight.

Be Blessed…pick your two people…even if its a text you send out of the blue, pay a toll for someone else, buy a co-worker a cup of coffee, call your mom, send a hand written card to someone…those things will be remembered. 

I wish everyone could see through Cheetah Eyes

Cheetah Beaming with Light

Sitting out bites.  I hate it.  I hate how paranoid I feel when I am defying my doctors orders.  Why did I go to the doctor in the first place?  I have no idea.  I don’t need some fancy medical degree or nice letters after my name to know that I am clearly better suited to diagnose my foot problem.  Why do I find what he has told me invalid?  I prefer to believe what he has told me is invalid.  Is it possible that I have a hearing disorder..defined as the inability to hear anything that would upset me and make me not run.  Do not mock…this is no time for laughing – my self loathing of how I feel now is at an all time high.

I was running this morning.  (I know, I know..shhhhh…don’t tell the doctor).  I wanted to go fast but was haunted by my doctors face…and the look of disappointment with my hearing disorder.  I kept thinking, what’s another mile, I have already come this far.  Well call me genius…ya, keep going, forget the fracture, that’s for wimps, let’s shatter it.  Way to go slick.  (i should slap myself for being dumb)

So in my obsessiveness and complete lack of ability to do what I am supposed to do, I have researched just how to cure myself.  The list isn’t really helpful but here is what I found:

  • They say to go slow, don’t jump into any activity too quickly and build up your endurance over time.
  • WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  Progress slowly..like how slow…I don’t have time for slow.

  • Pay attention to your nutrition and eat a well balanced diet.
  • Eat well, I do..I enjoy my protein shakes and goldfish snacks. I am sure this is exactly what they mean.

  • Wear the correct shoes and when needed replace shoes
  • No problem here.  I have heals for any occasion.  Now replace shoes?  Who is the author…I just don’t understand.  I get adding to the collection but replacement, absurd.

  • If the condition does not improve, see your doctor.
  • I can see my physician, I see him well, there is nothing wrong with my eyes

    Someone who cares about me told me this and it is slowly sinking in…he said, “Cheetah you are so young, you have years of running and infinite number of races to participate in, what’s 2 weeks off?”  He’s right.  There is time.  Patience is paramount.  Self Control and discipline, necessity.  I need to go after recovery as aggressively as I go after races.  My legs are a gift and I need to treat them like the treasure God intended them for, to do good things and inspire others. 

    God has me sitting out for a reason.  Time for reflection.  Time for true realization that running is not an entitlement, it is a gift. 

    I just found five dollars.

    Cheetah on the Mend

    Up in the trees, lurking around the corner, hiding out…I know you see me and i know you are watching.  Each time I have disregarded your warnings, I know you are there and laughing your sinister laugh (like the one the evil scientist does).  You throw sabotage tactics in my path, but I hurdle them (or so I tell myself).  Like a ninja, I can’t see you BUT I know you are there.    You have provided me a list of warnings, told me just what NOT to do and just what to do…I have listened to just what I want to hear.  I can, I am a woman.

    Today takes the cake – I have no doubt it was you, sitting in your car across the street, just waiting for me to run on by.  You know my path and I KNOW you were the pilot of the remote control bat (I prefer not to believe it was real although it was).  SWOOPING in front of my face, so close your wings touched me.  I hate touching.  I stopped.  ABORT RUN.  And then, i realized, it must be you….and so I kept going.

    Stop it with the subtle reminders.  Stop it with the “I told you so face” the one I know you are doing even though I can’t see you.  I give you that you are smart and do think what you have told me is valid.  But, because I am runner I am invincible and have a hearing disorder, able to only hear the sound waves that say, yes, you CAN run.  You never said couldn’t..you said shouldn’t…oh, what a huge mistake on your part.

    Although I realize it’s in my benefit to surrender, I just CAN’T!  I have a problem.  I can’t stop.  I will conquer you.  I will prove your theory wrong.  (que special dramatic oh my gosh music)…….fade….Runner limps away and makes follow up appointment with him…stupid foot doctor.

    Cheetah’s don’t walk.

    Limping Cheetah Girl

    So quiet and now the cheetah can not stop talking.  It might be caffeine induced or maybe I am naturally this full of useless information.  Kinda of like facebook, its a listing of thoughts that I don’t really have room to store in my brain, so I use facebook as my minds’ trash can.

    Obsession is such a strong word – its not just bad smelling 80’s men’s cologne..its worse, its something that you can’t escape.  I am obsessed with my training..the moment I got up I immediately packed my clothes for the gym for this evening and then suited up to go for a 7 mile run.  Working out once a day would be normal….which no one has ever called me that name.  I hope they never do..those are fightin’ words.

    While I was out running under the moon I got to thinking about commitment.  When you love something so much you become committed, to the point where you would not consider anything else.  Like Tide detergent, I just can’t imagine anything other than Tide…sure I could save some dollars and use the Target brand but I won’t..no one is making me use Tide but me and my commitment.   Last night I printed out my training plan and so the commitment begins…

    Every morning that stupid little paper OWNS me!  If I do what it says I am delighted with myself, if I do less I want to put myself in a trash can, if I do more I am convinced the stress fracture fairy is coming to shatter me below the knee caps.  I made this agreement with this paper and there is no straying..no white lies, no escaping the truth..because the truth shows up and let’s you know how faithful you have been when you see the word “START” over your head in the form of a huge banner.  Truth hunts you down at mile 20 and reminds you what kind of relationship you have had with the paper.  It’s disturbing really. 

    I have a friend who is training for his first marathon – I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to what he will learn along the way.  I can say running taught me more about my body than anything else in this world – you learn so much about yourself and if you follow the paper then you have planned time for thought.  Not sure how running makes your brain go wild but it does, people wonder where my creativity comes from..its not drugs, although a nice guess (the only performance enhancing drug I have enjoyed is Red Bull…in moderation people!)

    Good night all…I have to get some rest so I can be ready to see what I need to do in my relationship tomorrow.

    Be one with the paper-

    Cheetah with no real point…and that’s ok, I don’t have to have a point..its my blog and I do as I wish.

    On Monday I will, next week I can, after the holidays, when things calm down, I am too busy, I don’t have time.  Invalid.  All Invalid.  For some reason I am stirred with emotion tonight, sitting here completely frustrated with hearing every single one of those things as reasons why someone “can’t” run.  Everyone has time to run…and I mean everyone.  You make time for what you love – if you truly have a heart for fitness or a love for your health you MAKE the time.  It might be that you have to skip watching your favorite show, get up 30 minutes earlier, wait until the kids are in bed and jump on the treadmill in the basement or do laps around the block.

    No one in the world can tell me they can’t find time – my sister in law has FOUR kids and works…she makes time to run.  In fact in two weeks we will be running her SECOND half marathon together.  There is time if you want there to be time.

    I get so frustrated with people who talk about what they used to do, how fit they used to be and have no valid reason why they let themselves go.  If its medical I am not a heartless donkey and I certainly have a heart for that but when it’s just that you have been making poor choices and doing a bunch of talking and no doing, that annoys me.

    Don’t talk to me about how you wish you had abs like me or how lucky I am to be naturally thin.  I am NOT naturally thin..I am not naturally fit or a natural athlete..I work for it.

    Now aren’t I pleasant this evening?  Truly my frustration comes from my love for people, sounds so backwards.  But I love people so much that I imagine a world where everyone is healthy and making healthy decisions.  Our healthcare would be revolutionized, people wouldn’t be filling hospital beds, people could experience JOY in life from the natural seratonin and endorphins from being fit, people would not be parked in front of the TV not talking to each other…productivity would go up in the office, call ins would be reduced…and on and on. 

    If you are reading this and are currently saying you can’t, you don’t have time or some other “reason” why you haven’t had time to exercise please try.  Give it a week..then try for two weeks…a month.  If you are fit, get out there and really try to influence someone to change their life..make the goals achievable and celebrate the successes.

    Dang, don’t you want to look good in your new fall jeans?  Don’t you want to love your reflection?

    Cheetah on the Mount