Why am I writing and what do I have to say, honestly I have no idea.  All I know is one of my fans requested I write so lucky you…today this is my gift to the public.  Kinda feels a bit like Christmas doesn’t it…except its 90 out.

Dangerous I know, but I am going to share what’s been on my mind.  CrossFit has been on my mind.  Call it a cult, call it what you like, i’m a proud member.  I did an experiment last month with my cult…I tried to do the Paleo Challenge.  How does a vegetarian do that…well to be honest, it’s not really possible.  I followed the Paleo diet except the meat part (which is the main part…).  I gave up coffee creamer and changed out my snacks.  The snack that smiles back, cried.  Sitting in the corner (of my pantry)…all alone (with the 7 other bags)…wishing I hadn’t abandoned our relationship.  But I did…goldfish and I broke it off for 30 days.  Instead I ate seeds.  Seriously, I already eat like a bird…this just added to the argument that I may actually be a bird (a cheetah like bird).  Considered installing a bird feeder in my cube.  These seeds are not the easiest things to eat in a classy way.

Seeds must be poured into your hands and then hurled down your throat.  You can’t use a spoon, a fork, a knife..cutlery..ya just can’t.  I am trying to find the classy way to eat seeds.  I really believe the bird feeder is the way to go.  Or maybe one of those gerble water dispensers.

Giving up coffee creamer…sweet divine baby Jesus, that’ serious, I called on God.  Coffee is powerful, i just had no idea how powerful.  Each morning I would hold my breath and try to just swallow it like bad medicine.  Now, 45 days later…I overcame my coffee creamer addiction and don’t need it.  Take that International Delight…saving my $2 a month!

Random other thoughts that will serve no purpose in your life…

-I do look in the window of the Waffle House each morning when I run by casting shame eyes.

-I stare down the drivers going through the McDonalds drive through, I know they hear my thoughts of disappointment.

-I am thrilled that NYC banned disgustingly enormous unnecessarily large soda – people, you are not really that thirsty.  Go pour maple syrup down your throat with a seltzer chaser…same thing.  Vile.

-I am fine with singing while running.  Out Loud.  Hands in the air, Katy Perry…she gets me every time!  Oh Katy, stop with the snappy lyrics.

– I wish animal print fashion would go out of style soon.

-High waisted anything is not good.  Super low waisted isn’t either.  Let’s go with the middle people.

-Jumpsuits, don’t get me started.  Most inefficient garment in the world.  Might as well get a fancy adult onesie.  Bedazzle it…go for it, get fancy.

-Pajamas are for home.  Only.

And with this…take care of yourself.  Eat right.  Do things that make you better every day.  A daily random act of kindness would be ideal.  Dance (while running especially).  Smile..because you can..you got a chance to wake up, use today wisely.

Seed Fed Cheetah