I have been away.  You have been sad.  Today, dry your eyes and stop acting like a baby.  I am back and your harmony must be as well.  You are welcome.

This post has been inspired by my morning run and my new best friend, little Charmin Garmin.  I did what any ‘normal’ runner does before they head out for a longish run – check the forecast.  It looked reasonable, in a steamy, i will sweat my rear off kind of reasonable way.  85 but feels like 92…..let me say this if it “FEELS LIKE” 92, it IS 92.  I told myself, self, here’s the plan..you will run slower and it won’t feel as bad.  Logic Fail.  That’s right Rowe, brilliant, why don’t you run slower so you will be in the scalding rays of the sun longer.  That is bad and FEELS LIKE horrible. 

I tried to bring my water bottle with me, I thought I would feel less terrible if I had water.  How on earth do people carry water with them?  I don’t get it.  I have no skill when it comes to this – I can’t do it.  The slosh sound – it makes me nuts.  The bottle weighed too much..all 16.9 ounces, TOO MUCH.  I threw it out.  I surely don’t need this torture of carrying this.  I admire those who have packed like they are hiking in the Himalayas for a month – they have it all, enough gel to feed Africa, snack bags of sticky candy, and little bottles (37 of them strapped to their waist) of some mysteriously colored liquid.  I don’t know what they really have in there but it looks ugly and not meant for this girl.  I am sure their grocery store strapped to their waist only weighs 5 pounds but FEELS LIKE 300.  Pass.

I’m 6.5 miles into my trot…it’s not a run at this point.  I see an older couple, out for a morning run.  They took things to a new level…it was disturbing.  Not only were they running faster than me (unacceptable) by a whole lot..they were carrying their groceries from Publix (our local grocery store).  This is for serious.  So for serious.  For true.  I couldn’t believe it.  That takes going to run out to get something to eat to a new level.  Curse them.  How on Earth could they be running so smooth with bags in each hand?  Dang it my water was too heavy and grandma and grandpa skip past me like the tortoise I was.  It was a slap in the runner ego but FELT LIKE a TKO. 

Then it started to rain.  Just near me.  I was soaked in sweat..(and for the record I hate that sweet and sweat are spelled so similarly, it upsets me).  So soaked that I saturated my shorts and not in a good way.  (I don’t think there is a good way).  Now I am so soaked that sweat is dripping from my DRI fit shorts…dri fit my arse!  Sog Fit.  That’s what I was sporting..super Sog Fit…for the sweaty runner who can’t keep their sweat glands in check.  I need to create shorts made of Bounty..the quicker picker upper…super absorbent. 

What I will conclude with is this…although the 2 hours of sloth like trotting was hot, challenging and miserable…it was 2 hours that were an investment.  I would rather know that I got out there and tried even if it was bad.  Now I can enjoy the rest of my day knowing I accomplished something.  Anyone can run when it’s easy…it’s more about how hard you push when it’s not…

Stay Dri…

Cheetah wrapped in Bounty