Awesome coming through…please step aside..this awesome is huge and so awesome you need to take a few steps back!  Today, on my mind…the competitive spirit and where it comes from.  Part of me believes that drive and motivation may be consequence of surroundings.  I was trying to think about all the things that drive me to work push myself to be better, faster, stronger (start singing Kanye here).

Some days its music.  I can be feeling so crappy and then all of sudden, just the right music comes on and I am treadmill dancing.  (insert Elton John singing Tiny Dancer here).  My feet skip, i dance, I fist pump to the sky (Tiger style), I shake my head…i pretty much do the entire check list of things that I should be mocked for doing.  But in the moment, it’s just me and my music and nothing else in the world is around.  Amazing how the mind can escape like that.  (I wonder where it escapes to?  albuquerque?  Bet bugs bunny knows where my mind is..twelve points if you get this reference).

Other days..motivation comes from who I “perceive” to be watching me…in my own little feable brain, I just *know* this stallion of a man behind me is admiring my graceful stride and cheetah like form.  I can feel his eyes, and read his mind that says, “wow, she is so fast, she is impressive and awesome.”  I have no doubt that is what is happening, which means, now, I must run faster to be even more impressive.  Only to turn around and see this stallion has galloped away and never saw even a second of my olympic trials on the treadmill. 

Today, it was seeing people trying their hardest.  As much as I feel the dreadmill is a terrible device made for those afraid of nature (such as myself) -it can be a great tool.  I was surrounded by people pushing themselves to the limit!  I get so much energy from watching others do their best..whatever their best is…people with canes, people with one leg, people who are over 80, people who are super fit, people who aren’t…all shapes, all sizes..everyone giving it their all.  Admittedly I was sore and tired…but being surrounded with all of this made me push myself harder.  My inner self talk (pick up the pace Rowe, no one walks to the finish line, you won’t get better by taking it easy!…or my favorite..four won’t break itself (thanks Greg, that haunts me now).

That’s all..I have nothing left.  Nothing except a great day at Epcot enjoying the Food and Wine Festival.  Burned plenty of calories that I need to replace.

Happy running people..stay up…stay motivated…stay smooooooooooooooth!

Cheetah gone nutty