Good evening my good people – nice to have you perusing my page.  I don’t really have too much to disucss this evening but was prompted (by a relative named Greg) to get off my lazy butt and write something.  He needs something to read, I guess he has finished reading the internet.  Haven’t we all?

I finally got out running at night, something that is unusual for me.  Something about the night cleared my mind and opened my heart.  I don’t really know what it was that came over me – the weather was a like a cool summer breeze, the music on my iPod made my body so alive, and the scenery was suddenly new and brilliant.  When I run in the morning before the sun comes up I only get to see the construction workers (aka Cheetah Fan Club as self designated, I KNOW they are impressed with me, they are lucky they get to see such amazing wildlife each morning!).  But at night…in the nice town of Celebration, I saw something much better (although it is hard to compete with my sweaty fan club).  I saw people out walking together, kids playing in the streets, cyclist, people walking their dogs, other runners – with the Florida sun sinking into the clouds.  Breathtaking.

It made me wonder if I would have been as moved by my surrounding if I just drove by…something about being on foot makes things more beautiful.  My run opened up my mind, got rid of my thoughts from the day and let me take in these sights and appreciate them so much. 

I wish I could truly explain where my desire to help others learn to run comes from.  It’s like when you try something that tastes so delicious you want others to enjoy it just like you did.  I feel the same way about running, if others can try it maybe they can feel the sense of joy I do..i want that for ALL people.  Its my way of helping people in need so to speak.  My pastor spoke about this – he said “when you pass by someone in need it breaks God’s heart.  What if that person in need was an angel He sent?”  When you are doing well and things are aligning for you, feeling on top of the world – stop and help someone who needs a smile.  I promise you what’s on the outside is rarely a reflection of how they are on the inside.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you picked 2 people a week to do something nice for, for absolutely no reason.  What a great place the world would be…my world is pretty great, I would like to help someone else make their world great too.

And finally…I have a few friends running their first half marathon this weekend – not sure why but I feel a sense of pride and want to cry for them already.  I get THAT happy about seeing people have a goal, work towards it and achieve it…can’t wait to see my friends with their FIRST MEDALS! 

So there it is…a running stream of consciousness…in no order..just what fell out of my head tonight.

Be Blessed…pick your two people…even if its a text you send out of the blue, pay a toll for someone else, buy a co-worker a cup of coffee, call your mom, send a hand written card to someone…those things will be remembered. 

I wish everyone could see through Cheetah Eyes

Cheetah Beaming with Light