Up in the trees, lurking around the corner, hiding out…I know you see me and i know you are watching.  Each time I have disregarded your warnings, I know you are there and laughing your sinister laugh (like the one the evil scientist does).  You throw sabotage tactics in my path, but I hurdle them (or so I tell myself).  Like a ninja, I can’t see you BUT I know you are there.    You have provided me a list of warnings, told me just what NOT to do and just what to do…I have listened to just what I want to hear.  I can, I am a woman.

Today takes the cake – I have no doubt it was you, sitting in your car across the street, just waiting for me to run on by.  You know my path and I KNOW you were the pilot of the remote control bat (I prefer not to believe it was real although it was).  SWOOPING in front of my face, so close your wings touched me.  I hate touching.  I stopped.  ABORT RUN.  And then, i realized, it must be you….and so I kept going.

Stop it with the subtle reminders.  Stop it with the “I told you so face” the one I know you are doing even though I can’t see you.  I give you that you are smart and do think what you have told me is valid.  But, because I am runner I am invincible and have a hearing disorder, able to only hear the sound waves that say, yes, you CAN run.  You never said couldn’t..you said shouldn’t…oh, what a huge mistake on your part.

Although I realize it’s in my benefit to surrender, I just CAN’T!  I have a problem.  I can’t stop.  I will conquer you.  I will prove your theory wrong.  (que special dramatic oh my gosh music)…….fade….Runner limps away and makes follow up appointment with him…stupid foot doctor.

Cheetah’s don’t walk.

Limping Cheetah Girl