So quiet and now the cheetah can not stop talking.  It might be caffeine induced or maybe I am naturally this full of useless information.  Kinda of like facebook, its a listing of thoughts that I don’t really have room to store in my brain, so I use facebook as my minds’ trash can.

Obsession is such a strong word – its not just bad smelling 80’s men’s cologne..its worse, its something that you can’t escape.  I am obsessed with my training..the moment I got up I immediately packed my clothes for the gym for this evening and then suited up to go for a 7 mile run.  Working out once a day would be normal….which no one has ever called me that name.  I hope they never do..those are fightin’ words.

While I was out running under the moon I got to thinking about commitment.  When you love something so much you become committed, to the point where you would not consider anything else.  Like Tide detergent, I just can’t imagine anything other than Tide…sure I could save some dollars and use the Target brand but I won’ one is making me use Tide but me and my commitment.   Last night I printed out my training plan and so the commitment begins…

Every morning that stupid little paper OWNS me!  If I do what it says I am delighted with myself, if I do less I want to put myself in a trash can, if I do more I am convinced the stress fracture fairy is coming to shatter me below the knee caps.  I made this agreement with this paper and there is no white lies, no escaping the truth..because the truth shows up and let’s you know how faithful you have been when you see the word “START” over your head in the form of a huge banner.  Truth hunts you down at mile 20 and reminds you what kind of relationship you have had with the paper.  It’s disturbing really. 

I have a friend who is training for his first marathon – I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to what he will learn along the way.  I can say running taught me more about my body than anything else in this world – you learn so much about yourself and if you follow the paper then you have planned time for thought.  Not sure how running makes your brain go wild but it does, people wonder where my creativity comes from..its not drugs, although a nice guess (the only performance enhancing drug I have enjoyed is Red Bull…in moderation people!)

Good night all…I have to get some rest so I can be ready to see what I need to do in my relationship tomorrow.

Be one with the paper-

Cheetah with no real point…and that’s ok, I don’t have to have a point..its my blog and I do as I wish.