On Monday I will, next week I can, after the holidays, when things calm down, I am too busy, I don’t have time.  Invalid.  All Invalid.  For some reason I am stirred with emotion tonight, sitting here completely frustrated with hearing every single one of those things as reasons why someone “can’t” run.  Everyone has time to run…and I mean everyone.  You make time for what you love – if you truly have a heart for fitness or a love for your health you MAKE the time.  It might be that you have to skip watching your favorite show, get up 30 minutes earlier, wait until the kids are in bed and jump on the treadmill in the basement or do laps around the block.

No one in the world can tell me they can’t find time – my sister in law has FOUR kids and works…she makes time to run.  In fact in two weeks we will be running her SECOND half marathon together.  There is time if you want there to be time.

I get so frustrated with people who talk about what they used to do, how fit they used to be and have no valid reason why they let themselves go.  If its medical I am not a heartless donkey and I certainly have a heart for that but when it’s just that you have been making poor choices and doing a bunch of talking and no doing, that annoys me.

Don’t talk to me about how you wish you had abs like me or how lucky I am to be naturally thin.  I am NOT naturally thin..I am not naturally fit or a natural athlete..I work for it.

Now aren’t I pleasant this evening?  Truly my frustration comes from my love for people, sounds so backwards.  But I love people so much that I imagine a world where everyone is healthy and making healthy decisions.  Our healthcare would be revolutionized, people wouldn’t be filling hospital beds, people could experience JOY in life from the natural seratonin and endorphins from being fit, people would not be parked in front of the TV not talking to each other…productivity would go up in the office, call ins would be reduced…and on and on. 

If you are reading this and are currently saying you can’t, you don’t have time or some other “reason” why you haven’t had time to exercise please try.  Give it a week..then try for two weeks…a month.  If you are fit, get out there and really try to influence someone to change their life..make the goals achievable and celebrate the successes.

Dang, don’t you want to look good in your new fall jeans?  Don’t you want to love your reflection?

Cheetah on the Mount