Glad bags are not outfits for people.  They are outfits for trash, and some people do fit into that category but I digress.  I am fascinated by the people who put on trash bags and use them to sweat more – its over 100 degrees here and it takes little effort to sweat.  In fact this morning I looked like someone pushed me face first into a retention pond, but alas, all the sweaty goodness was created all on my own.  I sweat and I like it.  If I am out exercising and I don’t sweat I truly feel like i have wasted my time – I would put that workout in the trash bag.

What I have been thinking about A LOT is what motivates people to get out there to get moving.  So many times I find its all for the wrong reason.  Now, don’t get me wrong, whatever the reason to get people moving I am all for the movement part – but motive matters.  (Or so I hear from those fancy CSI shows).  There are thousands of reasons why people get out to run but be sure its because of your own personal goals, not because you are trying to impress someone.  NO ONE cares how many marathons i have run..I care..and I don’t need to share it with a single soul to enjoy my achievement.  And why does that matter?  Because then running becomes part of you no matter what, its not about who’s watching, who will give me a pat on the back, who will notice – i noticed..i am proud of me and that really is what makes it a sustainable habit for life.

Runners are funny people.  We do the weirdest things and find it absolutely normal.  Here is a brief list of the weird things that we runners do that the average schmo would raise an eyebrow to…be not afraid….if you are a new runner, this will make you feel much more normal.

1.  We talk about poop…we talk about it openly and honestly. 

2.  We are not afraid to talk about GI distress and a super sprint to a port-o-let

3.  Never ashamed to whip out the Body Glide and apply…we chafe, and what a rotten word that is.  I even hate the way it sounds.

4.  Men wear nipple guards – and thank God..the first time you see someone who didn’t you will know they should have.

5.  Food is not about taste…we will swallow just about anything if we believe it will make us run faster

6.  We expect people we wave to while running to acknowledge us – and if not, dagger eyes…demon road person

7.  We love the statement, my sport is your sports punishment

8.  Our training plan is more important that any single document in the home…and at times more committed to than marriage.  I suspect anyhow.

9.  Never underestimate how irrational a runner can appear on a runners high – we believe we can burst through brick walls and take fact we are in flight.

10.  We hate to be called joggers.  Going for a jog?  NO.  I am going for a RUN.

Random thoughts – but I will close with this, because its my blog and I make the rules around here.  In mass this weekend the pastor was talking about going running with his Dad.  His Dad was chatty – talking to him the whole time while he was gasping for air.  After the run his Dad would say, “son you need to run more”  and my pastor was praying for oxygen.  His Dad said you need to run more to be able to run more.  You need to use your body to be able to use your body.  Yes, that’s right – you need to use your body to be able to use your body.  Think about it.

Cheetah with the Dagger Eyes