Please don’t go, please don’t leave me…I will be so lonely.  We belong together, we are happy together.  When you leave there is a huge void that only you can fill.  Every morning I have this conversation with my bed.  Let GO, leave me alone, let me OUT.  Its not easy to get out of bed to get up and run some mornings.  In fact this morning I slept in a little bit and thought, perhaps I will take the morning off.  Until….

Stupid facebook.  I opened my page only to find a note from a friend I saw last night saying how much I inspired him to get back out and run…6am and he was on his way out the door.  Dang it.  Now I HAVE to run….Then it got worse, I got a note from my brother, thanking me for inspiring him to run.  Ok, Lord, I got the message…stop acting like a sloth Rowe and get your cheetahness out the door!  So, I suited up and now feel amazing!

The running community is likely the most inspirational group of people out there.  We are so happy to encourage each other to reach goals, no matter what they are.  We have mileage envy.  Odd thought that there is a serious feeling of jealousy when driving by a runner!  Even if I ran in the morning already, I still stare down the road warrior and wish it was me running.

But the thing that struck me this morning was that I am not out running to be better than anyone else.  I am out to be the best ME.  That’s why I love running, it isn’t about anyone else – its about you and you alone, your goals, your dreams, your amibtion, your drive.  Competition is nice but the run is never about racing to out do someone else, its about outdoing yourself.  Beating a previous personal record.  Something about that thought makes me happy, very very happy.

Running has given me absurdly amazing levels of joy and happiness. I want all of my non runner friends and family to experience it.  That’s where my drive to motivate and inspire other people to run comes from – if I can just edge them out the door and hope they get a small slice of a runners high their lives are changed forever, for the good.

One slice of runners high coming right up.  (that may likely be the cheesiest thing I have written ever but I like it because I am a nerd)

Cheetah Girl serving Runners High