Look away, now back at me, now in the mirror now back at me…you are not me.  And that is the greatest thing ever!!!  I said it..its great that you are not me.  If you were me, you would waste countless minutes checking to be sure you did turn off the iron….at least 4 times before leaving the house.  Once you have left the house then you will wonder if you locked the front door..and hope all day long that when you return home that you still have a home.  Granted I might as well be Amish..any burglar is going to be very disappointed..but if someone should come in at least they could check on the iron.

Mass yesterday was about purpose….the question was what are you good at  – the thing people say you are good at, what you enjoy the most and comes the easiest to you.  It took me over 20 years of living to figure out what was “my gift”.  I recall so many conversations I had with my grandma about how sad I was that I didn’t have a special gift.  My Dad – can take a block of wood and carve it into the most beautiful bird, fish, duck, etc…all by sight.  He could paint, he could do ANYTHING.  My brother Tom – perfect at anything he wanted to be perfect at – sharp shoot – never missed a shot in his life, great fisherman, great with kids, can carve, tie flies, and on and on.  My brother Greg – the smartest person I know..started reading the dictionary for fun in first grade (I think he might have been smarter than all of his teachers before he was born), built me a computer himself, amazing runner and so funny.  My mom..unique talent for being able to get out any single stain in this universe!!!  But what was my thing, what was my gift – I wanted so bad to be good at anything – to have a hobby, that one thing that I did well and looked forward to doing.  Sure i played soccer, but I was only okay.  I skied and was average at best.

When people asked me when I started running distance I say it just happened.  It’s like when you all of sudden enjoy broccoli  – your whole life before then thought it was capital punishment from your parents and their sick way of making you hate life by forcing you to eat it.  But one day…you didn’t hate it…in fact, you ate in on purpose and before you knew it, really like it.  Same thing with my running…it all started with that fool who kept getting on MY stairmaster…which forced me to hop on that horrific walking machine…the dreadmill.

Walk, walk walk…then a few miles each night running, then before I knew it…seven miles every night.  THEN..this man, Gary Jones…HAUNTED ME…he did the meanest thing ever…he put a race registration form on my treadmill for a 5k!  I am not competitive, I do not run to race, I am not a racer, I have no interest, I don’t want to…and night after night, that stupid piece of paper made its way to my treadmill display.  I registered.  I ran.  I loved it…6 months later, ran my first marathon….10 years later…still running, racing and loving every step.

What is my point.  Who the hey knows.  I guess what I am saying is to be patient finding your gift – that thing you love to do the most.  My pastor put it like this…every person is given a special skill that no one else has, no one can fill in for you..you and only you have “that” thing that only you do like you do…without you bringing your gift to the table the team can’t succeed. 

How would you feel if you spent countless hours picking out just the right thing for a loved one, the perfect gift.  You give it to them with pride and joy that it will delight them…and they let it sit on the shelf.  Don’t do that to God, imagine how He feels when you let your gift from Him collect dust. 

I must go forth and be awesome now, that is my gift…ridiculous levels of awesomeness.  Excuse me while I check on  my iron…again. (and ps..it is autoshut off and I STILL have to check 800 times per day)

Cheetah Girl feeling awesome