Who’s job is it to remove road kill?  Is it part of the circle of life?  If not, who ever has that job can not be paid enough.  Today marks the first time I have seen the supreme ugliness of a rat.  Yes, a rat.  A vile, disgusting RAT.  This thing was clearly on roids because it was HUGE!  Seriously the size of a cat.   It gave me the full body shiver of disgust – ya know the one, when your legs shake and your whole body does this weird wave that you can not control, yeah, that one.  I threw up.  (well not really but in my head I did and it makes for a better story)

Other road kill grosses me out but not as bad as this one…the tail, the eyes, the scary teeth – the look like its ready to snatch your soul.  UGGGGGGGGGGH.  I can’t stop thinking about how gross it was.  Ok, I am over it.  Next topic.

My run was weird, i felt rotten the whole time, i hated every step for some reason.  Yet, my time was great – I don’t get it.  I had to walk a few times to convince my legs to stop hating me.  How does that happen, I felt terrible and ran a better time than normal.  Mysterious.

But I got to thinking, even on my miserable run….the number of friends and family that I have that would give anything to run is mounting.  I have a friend suffering from a condition called POTS.  She might be the sweetest, kindest, most loving soul out here.  Has a heart of gold, creative spirit and drive and motivation that is off the charts.  This condition has made it impossible for her to run, made it impossible for her to run after her little one and play with him like she dreams about.  Every time I am out running I think about her and keep going in her honor – if she can’t run I will put in the miles for her.  I won’t pity myself for a bad run because someone out there would like to have any run, even a bad one.  If you get a chance, look up POTS and be educated about it.  Admittedly I had never heard of it until she was diagnosed.  I want nothing more than my friend to kick this condition in the face and return to the blessed life she deserves!!!!  So, when you are out there and struggling with the miles…think about those that would give anything to trade places with you and run a few miles for them.

Be blessed, be optimistic, be grateful that He has let you be healthy enough to enjoy this sport.  It’s not an entitlement, it truly is a gift from our Father.

Cheetah Girl Kicking POTS in the face!