Someone, oxygen please..hurry..this man just took my breath away! (and that wasn’t even a clever pick up line!) I said it before and I will say it again, there is nothing that compares to the view in South Beach, and I am not talking about the beach.  The people there are fit, they take care of their bodies and are simply beautiful on the outside.  No matter how many crunches you do, no matter how many miles you put in, someone there looks better…its a given.  But in a sick way I love that!  Hard work shows, I’m so inspired by others who push themselves.

Which brings me to my next thought, how hard do you work when no one is looking.  Those who are starving for attention are out there trying to get fit for the wrong reasons.  If its about the cute workout clothes and who’s looking at you in the gym then you will miss the mark.  If its about being healthy and wanting to have energy and enjoy your life as a fit and healthy person, I give you a clap clap.  (Because I am sure you are seeking my clap clap approval).

I give another clap clap to those sporting abs that are visible to the naked eye.  One day I will write a whole blog about abs.  A friend of mine said it well..Abs are made in the kitchen.  1.8 billion crunches won’t do jack without eating properly.  Did you know everyone has a six pack – not in the fridge smartie!  Its there, under a layer of fat – myself included.  Its up to you to remove that layer and let those abs out.  Invite them to come and hang out with you…your Abs vacation is over!  Can you imagine how you would feel to look in the mirror and see those abs….”hello master, nice to see you”

Let me also say this, I have not always been healthy – it was a LONG road to get to where I am today.  I am not naturally thin, I work hard for this – and I work hard because I know where I have been and I don’t want to go back to that ever.  Hideous, yes….that would describe me 10 years ago.  I have photographic evidence.

If you’re fit, lift somebody up – encourage someone, get them out there.  Everyone has a desire to be healthy, maybe you could be the person that gets them started. 

Off to the AAU Track and Field National Championships all week – now if you want to see inspiration, motivation and drive at the highest level…come on out! 

Cheetah Deep in Thought