Exercise hurts.  If it doesn’t you are not doing it correctly.  It should hurt, if it were simple and didn’t hurt everyone would do it and the world would be visually magnificent.  It amazes me how people will strive to make exercise more simple and hurt less and be shocked they are not seeing results.  Shocking…low effort means low to no results, wow, weird.  I’m no mathlete but that math sounds correct.

I went for a run in Miami this weekend – on my path I passed by a man roller blading WITH ski poles – looked like a downhill skier.  Way to be lazy and look ridiculous while you are at it.  I spotted a man on a bike in a speedo – now that took my breath away and not in a good way.  Did you know they make speedo thongs – I didn’t know until this weekend and I am sorry to be the one to tell you its true.  Visual Violation.  FLAG ON THE PLAY!

My run was amazing – I was fortunate to get the higher than life feeling, which in turn caused me to behave like a crazy person.  Someone out there is definitely writing about my absurd behavior in their blog, I deserved to be mocked.  I was running like I was freakin Flash Gordon, singing out loud, and fist pumpin the heck out of my arms.  Yes. I. Did!  I belted out Man in the Mirror and Nasty (a little Janet) like I was part of the Jackson family.  My feet felt like they never touched the ground.  My mind went to the happiest place, my body felt like I was being carried.  The ocean breeze was straight out of heaven…a little gift from God.

Amazing what things you think about while running – I can say I did tear up, stopped to give thanks to God for the way I felt right at that moment.  My life is drowning in blessings and I am so humbled by the things I get to experience.  The path the Lord has me on is that of fortune and at times am overwhelmed with the gifts I have been given – no words can describe my gratitude.  When you stop thinking about what you are going to do after your run, stop thinking about last night, stop thinking about your work sitting on your desk, the laundry you haven’t done, and choose to enjoy the moment you are in; EVERYTHING is better.

Don’t be lazy, don’t say you will start tomorrow…after the holidays, when i have time…you will never have time if you don’t make time.  God made you in His perfect image, don’t you want to return what he gave you in  mint condition?  I do.

Run Happy Cheetahs!

Cheetah Jackson