After I work out this hard I am going to reward myself with this four thousand calorie pie.  Does anyone else see the ridiculousness of this statement.  I hear it all the time and want to do a little slappy slap to the face and ask what the hey.  Really…let me work super hard and then quickly reverse my progress.  That does not make sense to me at all. 

I don’t have any issues with enjoying meals and working out a little harder if you indulge but the whole “reward” thing with food is weird.  Let me use this analogy – take your car to the gas station – you fill up the tank…you don’t fill it until it overflows, why..because a) your car won’t let you b) that’s a stupid idea c) its messy and smells bad.  Treat your body the same way…considering those three reasons – fill your body with the fuel it needs but don’t over flow.  Now if you want to get nuts…fill it with really good fuel and the result…DIESEL! 

Look at your grocery store as Hess…stop in…get what you need..only what you need and drive away. 

And i will close with this lovely statement from a very classy rock band (points to anyone who knows where I got it from)  I’m not a (wo)man or machine, I’m just something in between.  Profound.

Cheetah Girl….next post…..Hating on Buffets