My run this morning was horrific.  I am not here to complain rather to pity myself publicly.  I had not been able to get out for a long run in over a week and couldn’t wait to get out there this morning.  Today was the debut of the fuel belt…or runner nerd credential.  Let’s just say HATE is mild..I loathe this piece of equipment.  How on Earth do people run with those things – I simply do not get it.  Every single step you feel this sloshing and bouncing on your hips, I would rather carry a kid in a backpack than run with a fuel belt.  I took that piece of junk off in a hurry and shoved it in my mailbox.

Not only do I fail to comprehend the fuel belt runners, I will NEVER EVER EVER understand how people run in pants in Florida.  It’s not natural.  I faint looking at them…I want to let them know that people are ok seeing their legs.  Let them see daylight, let the legs out…be one with the sun.  But for real, I get sick seeing people running in pants and long sleeves -they must be connected to the mother ship and powered by over heating.

My goal this morning was to run without sounding like an entire pack of wolves.  My result was pure failure, I firmly believe a second pack of wolves joined me.  Try running with a pillow over your face, that about captures how I felt.  It was like I got the oxygen memo..hurry and get it now because its running out.  People, sorry to say, there is no more oxygen left, I used ALL OF IT this morning.

I got back from my run of misery and stood at the base of my stairs hoping a magic ski lift would show up and bring me to the top.  It looked so far…all 15 steps.  I made it and drank water is if there was a shortage on that as well.

Running is meant to be fun and today was not..not all runs are fun but not once have I ever regretted getting out there.  That’s the beauty of running – it’s never know what you are going to discover when you get out there.  Sometimes the days you feel the worst when you start you have the run of a lifetime.  I will keep getting out there and trying just in case I might catch that runners high…because when it happens there is not one thing in the world that compares to that euphoria.

Run Happy! 

Dehydrated Cheetah/Wolf pack