You heard it here first…Foam Kills.  Something so simple, so unassuming is a straight up assassin!  In the event that you have no idea what on earth I am talking about I am kindly referring to the foam roller.

It looks so innocent, so soft and cuddly (ok, perhaps not cuddly..I don’t curl up with foam and hope my life never gets to that point..if my life does get to that point, as my faithful readers it is your job to submit the paperwork for counseling for me).  How is it that something so small can dig into your muscles with a dull knife and make you call for the Lord.

While I am on the topic..stretching – I am clearly losing my memory.  I flashback to the days of soccer practice when stretching was the most relaxing part of our practice, I looked forward to that part (and ironically dreaded laps, man have things changed!).  Stretching now is misery, it brings tears to my eyes and makes me make arguably the ugliest facial expressions.

When all is said and done…foam rolled and stretched – I stand up feeling AMAZING!!!

And to close on a totally unrelated topic – when you get out there, suited up and ready to take on that run – I beg you to waive to all runners, walkers, cyclist…mankind in general (unless they appear to have stalker qualities or may be a serial killer).  Nothing worse than mustering the energy to give the head nod recognizing fellow awesomeness coupled with a wave to get a stare to the ground or “the face”..and y’all know the one!

And with that please feel go forth and run young cheetahs…get those sneakers on, get new fitness gear, get your play list ready and know that every single step is making you just a little healthier..just a little more fit and one step closer to wearing those jeans that need you in them! Do.Not.Let.Those.Jeans.Down!

Cheetah Girl

Happy Running Y’all! (insert a runner wave here)