Cheetah Chronicles…yes, that’s right, I am a grown adult referencing myself as The Cheetah.  Don’t judge, just love.  I am here to babble mostly about running and perhaps anything else that strikes my fancy that may make the world a better place.  For example, mascara…i might comment on that, because it really does improve the environment.

With that as a superb introduction – I want to make it evident what my goals are – personally..I would like to run one marathon a year until I meet the Lord. (and really, I think the Lord wears Mizunos..I think the sandals are his post race shoe of choice).  As I strive to meet this goal, I hope to inspire at least one other person a year to run, even if its a 5K or a few laps around the track.  There is not one single thing in the world more precious than your health..without it you can’t fully enjoy every thing that this blessed Earth has to offer (like mascara!).

My younger brother sent me a message a while back (I will reference him often as I find him funny and he has whooped all of my personal records in running in an absurbly short window of time…love him, really.)  His message said that I was the base of the tree of inspiration – saying that I inspired him to run..then he inspired others..and they inspired others and so on…I hope to plant a whole Earth full of trees.

I love topics..send me your topics you would like to see me write about..because basically, I have an opinion about a lot and usually find humor is just about everything.

Get out your sneakers, pick a goal…devise a plan and MAKE.IT.HAPPEN!

The Cheetah must retire for the evening…resting up for the morning sunrise, music, my thoughts and best of all my love of my life, my Mizunos.  Please excuse me while I tuck in my little Mizunos.

Cheetah Girl